Australia is decades behind on adoption. The Guardian

[…] In reality, many ordinary Australians spend years fighting bureaucracy and making sacrifices to earn the right to take care of traumatised children nobody else wants.

[…] Australia has moved in the opposite direction. The number of children in foster care has skyrocketed – there are now 43,000 kids living without a permanent home. Many spend their entire childhood being handballed from one placement to another before transiting into juvenile justice. Yet there were fewer than 100 foster care adoptions last year and just seven outside NSW.
Adoption is not viable for all foster kids. Some have been so damaged by constant moves and re-abuse in care, they’re now unable to settle in a family home. Others remain emotionally attached to birth families and could be returned if it weren’t for our woeful underfunding of social support services.
[…] Australia’s pre-1980s history of forced adoptions – where Aboriginal and single women were coerced into handing over their babies and denied future contact – helps explain today’s status quo. NSW has been the only state to pursue pro-adoption reforms and this led to cries that government is once again trying to steal children.

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